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Ciatta Thompson is the founder of CMS Virtual Services LLC., a top-tier virtual admin & online business management firm. She has a diverse professional background that blends exceptional service to high-level clients by simultaneously leveraging her creative and logic skills. Ciatta's path has created dynamism in her work ethic because of her balanced approach to everything she does. 

Ciatta is clever, dependable, and engaging. She knows how to bring all the moving parts together for her clients, and she offers a heightened empathy to the niches she serves. Her wisdom is in her altruistic approach, helping build underserved communities worthy of a luxurious business management experience.

Ciatta is confident yet humble. Previous clients would describe her as trustworthy and ethical. She is hardworking and genuine, delivering exceptional service to everyone she collaborates with. Ciatta's engagement with your business and leveling up towards tremendous success is the impact you have been searching for.

With over 20 years of experience in the travel industry, ten years of White Glove service, and production experience in the entertainment industry, Ciatta believes success is derivative of all-encompassing. When it comes to business management, she goes above and beyond the fundamental operational aspects because of her own experiences, standards, and drive toward excellence. Ciatta offers exceptional and all-encompassing services to many industries and is particularly drawn to working with BIPOC and LGBTQIA+-owned businesses.

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